My Beauty secrets

8:58 PM

Since I was in 5th grade I had to wear glasses. It was so not cool at the time and kids were all making fun of kids with glasses, so I chose not to wear them instead. That was not such a good idea so by the time I was in high school I didn't see a thing anymore and I had to start wearing glasses. I wanted to have lenses so bad but I never learned how to put them in my eye. My reflects are very fast and I couldn't touch my eye with my own finger. The time has passed and I have seen a few different doctors who tried to tech me how to put contact lenses but every time it was a failure. I was almost done with trying until I gave it all another shot at Okulisticki Centar. I went there and they told me what is my prescription. After that I sat down for like 2 hours with a sweet lady that works there trying to put one contact lens in my eye. It was so hard and I lost my patience a hundred of times but she was so calm that thanks to her I made it. First one and the other one. Learned to take them out and than all again. It was actually so easy. A few of my friends also never wore contact lenses and I told them to go there. The lenses that I use are called Dailies Total 1. These are the safest and softest option on the market. The best quality really. You use them for 24h and then throw them away and take another one. Now I can finally wear all of those sunglasses that I have and never wear!

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