Summer in Split

Posted onSeptember 01, 2015

Split is a beautiful city on Adriatic sea with a long history and mix of cultures. Since I learned latin in school for four years, I learned about the civilisation and ancient roman lifestyle. I think that is the reason why I always love visiting locations with long history and beautiful ancient architecture, just like the old town in Split or to be more precise Diocletian's palace. These photos weren't taken there, but in the house of one of the greatest Croatian artists ever, and personally my favourite, Ivan Meštrović. I visited most of his work in Croatia and Serbia, and I can say that I'm a fan. Not to bother you more with the details, if you are curious look him up and check out more of his work.  In this post I am wearing a light blue shirt with log white pants. I decided to make the outfit more unique by adding big black boots that stand out. 


Posted onAugust 29, 2015

This summer was amazing. I went to Opatija, one of the most beautiful and iconic Croatian cities on the seaside. It has an amazing and long history like it was a summer destination for the royals in Habsburg Monarchy. Opatija has a beautiful seaside architecture and it's like a small seaside Vienna. Unfortunately, Opatija isn't much attractive to younger generations, because it's more cultural oriented and quiet, what fits older generations more. Luckily for us, this year opened a new beach called Lido Beach Bevanda. It's a part of Bevanda hotel and restaurant, and I visited it on its very opening day. More about the beach soon, in my special post about it. In this post I'm wearing Mijanou Swimwear swimsuit which is absolutely amaying. Check out the photos below to see more of the swimsuit and Lido Beach!

Red Dress

Posted onAugust 27, 2015

I love wearing long and beautiful dresses, just like this one. It's very romantic and unique model. I wore this red dress with silver sandals. I noticed just afterwards on photos that it doesn't look well ironed on photos, I guess it's because the material is very gentle and this happened during the transport from my home to the photoshoot location. 

Palm love

Posted onAugust 25, 2015

Another unpublished Cannes post found in my folder. It would be a shame not to post this one! I'm wearing a cute H&M fringe leather skirt, simple white shirt and my favourite Valentino sneakers. These sunglasses are Gucci, and I loved them from the first time I saw them :) Cannes is beautiful in spring, but I am guessing it's not bad on summer either. I've never been there during summer but I would love to go!
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