No Church In The Wild

Posted onApril 23, 2015

These photos are one of my favourites ever that I shot with Roza Zanini. I am wearing a breathtaking H&M Conscious Collection dress in pink with sparkles all over it. I love the cut, it's so stylish. I wore a H&M Conscious Collection bomber jacket from the same collection. I like how cool it looks when you wear an elegant dress with something sporty. This collection is now in stores so be quick :)

Tignes Pool

Posted onApril 22, 2015

While I was on my skiing trip to France I used the occasion to take a few photos in our hotel's wellness in my new bikini. The pool is pretty artsy so it fitted in perfectly. The only problem was that my face burned in the sun on the top of the mountain so I was left with a very visible difference in the part where I had sunglasses and underneath. So sorry, my photoshop experience is not so being, neither were my boyfriends photography skills that day so here's what we're left with :)

Winter Video Diary

Posted onApril 20, 2015

I finally got some time to finish the video that I filmed this March in Val d'Isere / Tignes with a new GoPro Hero 4. If you're a winter sport lover you have to check out the video and comment my skills. I would like to improve so if there's any suggestions don't hesitate to write it down :) About Espace Killy - it's definitely the best skiing location I've ever been and I've been skiing since I was 7. I switched to snowboarding when I was 14. I'm not nearly as good in snowboarding as I was in skiing, but that's exactly why I like it, it makes me learn new things every time, I feel like I'm improving myself and that's the feeling I like the most. And okay it looks so much cooler riding a snowboard. I hope you'll like the video :)

P.S. Watch in HD ;)

Love, I.

H&M CONSCIOUS • Modern Fairytale

Posted onApril 18, 2015

This might be one of my favourite posts on blog. One of 5 outfits that I made for H&M Conscious collection and shot as an editorial with my girl Roza Zanini. We made it all look like a modern fairytale or a modern runaway bride. This skirt is my favourite piece from this H&M's Conscious collection. You have to click on 'continue reading' because these photos are so amazing :)
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