New in: Jadran

Posted onFebruary 23, 2015

Socks are an essential detail of our everyday life but we don't really talk on that subject as much as they deserve. In winter you wear them on every dress and skirt, they keep you from the cold but still they have to look pretty and be high quality. They can be in different colours, different thickness and different styles. There is so much to say about socks, so I'm using this opportunity to discuss this subject and tell you about my favourite brand of socks - Jadran. I am posting 4 different outfits in which I'm wearing 4 different winter styles of socks by Jadran. One style is thicker and warmer, which I wore on the dress, another style is sexy with a line on the back, it is perfect for going out, then we have a n interesting model that makes my all black everything outfit stand out a little bit, and finally the shape up socks that lift up the booty, make your waist thinner and shapes up your legs. The best thing about this post is that I'm giving you all a coupon with which you get -40% off Jadran socks – autumn/winter collection. All you have to do is print it out and run to the nearest Jadran store to get your socks!

Belgrade Metro Station

Posted onFebruary 21, 2015

I didn't believe there was a metro station in Belgrade until we came here to shoot this outfit. It turned out to be the perfect location with all the lights and interior style. I wore a long eye-catching blue vest and silver backpack designed by @dunasab who also took these photos. Check out her instagram and other backpack styles. There is a lot of pictures from the metro station, I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I posted almost all of them! Even though the Belgrade metro has only two stations it sure looks amazing on these photos. Check it out. 

The Boots

Posted onFebruary 19, 2015

So these fu*king boots are perfect. I saw the Tom Ford model on instagram and I got obsessed. I kept searching for the cheaper and more acceptable version on the internet and finally found these in camel colour on Choies web shop. So naturally I ordered them the very moment, which turned out to be the best idea since they were sold out a few days later. I preferred the black colour but when they arrived I knew this colour was so much more than plane old boring black. I learned something new when my mum commented on my new boots. She said that when she was young only 'girls with questionable morality or just ladies of the night' wore boots over knees. So for the first time I ore them on jeans, with a Burberry inspired cape from Saptac Cipelama and my favourite Chanel. The photography master was a young and talented professional photographer from Belgrade, Senja Vild. Make sure to check out her Facebook page! Make up was done by my kindergarten friend Nika Doria Grbac who is a young and aspiring makeup artist.

New in: Too Faced

Posted onFebruary 17, 2015

Until the time Sephora existed in Croatia, Too Faced was my favourite makeup brand. Unfortunately the store closed its doors and I had to keep up with Too Faced products online. Even though I am not a beauty blogger and me makeup skills are pretty average, I decided to present you my favourite items from now on on blog. Makeup is so close related to fashion that I had to see it coming.  In this post I'm writing about 3 of my newest Too Faced products that are like a religion to me.

MELTED. The best invention in the lipstick world. This is my second one, in colour Melted Sugar. It's a liquified long wear lipstick. It's a beautiful intense colour that lasts for hours (believe me I tried). Very useful, easy to put on, long-lasting and well it's pretty. What else does a girl need anyway? ;)

BROW ENVY. The art of perfect eyebrows. Something for what most of girls would sell their soul to the devil. This is my favourite bow kit that will have you arched, defined and framed like a star. The kit contains Brow powder duo (blonde and brunette), Setting wax, Highlighter, 3 Stencils, Tweezer, Angled brush, Spooley and a Glamour guide. Say hi to your new eyebrows.

BOUDOIR EYES. Soft & Sexy eyeshadow collection. It includes a 3 step guide for 3 looks in 3 minutes. Go beyond Boudoir with this sultry palette containing nine matte and shimmer shadows. Go from softly nude to subtly seducive in 3 easy steps. Bedroom eyes are coveted for their captivating, come-hither appeal.

Check out the photos down below for a more closer look:
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