Posted onMarch 04, 2015

In this post from Belgrade I'm wearing Marina Lacković's design. She's a young and very talented Croatian fashion designer who formed her own fashion brand - Larie. She already had her own fashion shows on Fashion Week Zagreb where I saw her designs for the first time a few years ago. The creations are totally unique, very fashionable and most of all wearable for multiple occasions. The dress patterns are amazing, just like this one I'm wearing from her recent 'Etno' collection. This is actually a dress but consists of two pieces, so it can be worn separately like a skirt or a shirt with something else. You'll definitely see more of Larie items on my blog because I fell in love with the design and I feel like it's totally my thing. I matched the dress with my cute red Love Moschino bag and old Zara heels. These photos were taken in Belgrade with my dear Senja Vild, and the location was chosen by the best Serbian art directors. 


Posted onMarch 02, 2015

Borrowing (without asking e.g. stealing) my mum's clothes has become an everyday part of life now. Here I am wearing the amazing Marella coat with my over knee boots. I love the way coat goes over boots. It gives a little bit of mystery to the outfit and a little bit of Kim Kardashian (styled by Kanye) look. I wore a black dress from OASAP under the coat. Photos are once again a work of art, Senja's work of art. She always makes my outfits look like they came out of Vogue editorial! 

New in: Jadran

Posted onFebruary 23, 2015

Socks are an essential detail of our everyday life but we don't really talk on that subject as much as they deserve. In winter you wear them on every dress and skirt, they keep you from the cold but still they have to look pretty and be high quality. They can be in different colours, different thickness and different styles. There is so much to say about socks, so I'm using this opportunity to discuss this subject and tell you about my favourite brand of socks - Jadran. I am posting 4 different outfits in which I'm wearing 4 different winter styles of socks by Jadran. One style is thicker and warmer, which I wore on the dress, another style is sexy with a line on the back, it is perfect for going out, then we have a n interesting model that makes my all black everything outfit stand out a little bit, and finally the shape up socks that lift up the booty, make your waist thinner and shapes up your legs. The best thing about this post is that I'm giving you all a coupon with which you get -40% off Jadran socks – autumn/winter collection. All you have to do is print it out and run to the nearest Jadran store to get your socks!

Belgrade Metro Station

Posted onFebruary 21, 2015

I didn't believe there was a metro station in Belgrade until we came here to shoot this outfit. It turned out to be the perfect location with all the lights and interior style. I wore a long eye-catching blue vest and silver backpack designed by @dunasab who also took these photos. Check out her instagram and other backpack styles. There is a lot of pictures from the metro station, I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I posted almost all of them! Even though the Belgrade metro has only two stations it sure looks amazing on these photos. Check it out. 
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