Posted onJune 23, 2016

This is my last outfit post from beautiful Andalusia in Spain. I had an amazing time traveling around cute towns all around this famous Spanish province. I've already seen most of the Spain, so I am going to finish it up with a cherry on top -  Ibiza and Mallorca this summer. I love Spanish culture, art, food and lifestyle. This outfit post was taken in Cordoba, right next to their famous bridge. I am wearing Larie by Marina Lackovic dress which has that something Spanish in it. I wore it with brown suede stiletto boots from Zara. if you haven't seen my vlog from Andalusia, don't miss it here!


Posted onJune 21, 2016

I am posting up my post from beautiful Cordoba in Spain. This city is one of the most famous cities in Andalusia. I love the Cordoba Cathedral, it is so divine and glorious. I have visited a lot of cathedrals in Europe, but architecturally speaking, this one is definitely one of my favourites. But the cathedral is not the thing that won my heart over in Cordoba. It was these cute little flowers in cans all around the walls. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, there are colourful flowers and cans. It very romantic and very artistic at the same time. 

In Cordoba I was wearing a total Kocca outfit. Kocca is, as you all well know, a famous Italian fashion brand. I love them since I was a kid, so naturally I am very happy to post their looks on my blog. This amazing jacket is a perfect tweed item that every woman should own. The leather skirt is a must have this year, and all in combination with a simple white top looks flawless. Perfect for romantic walks around Cordoba...


Posted onJune 15, 2016

On my trip to Andalusia, Spain I also visited Gibraltar. This was my first time here and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. Gibraltar is very interesting mix of Spanish and English architectural styles and art. Everything is crazy mixed up that I don't even have the words to describe the place. It is a tax free zone but I have to admit shopping options are not that good. The best place in Gibraltar is the rock mountain because there are about 300 monkeys running around. I loved the monkeys, they actually made Gibraltar much more fun and interesting. They are kind of wild but always opened to take a selfie with you :)
I found a great location to take photos of my outfit. Just the way I like it, white stone, black and gold details. I am wearing some of my favourite items this year. The famous H&M x Balmain leather jacket and J Brand Jeans from Indigo Store in Zagreb. Check out the rest of the photos!


Posted onJune 13, 2016

I've been in Andalucia and Costa Del Sol in April. We had an amazing time exploring beautiful Spain. We stayed in Marbella, the most exclusive and luxurious city in Spain. I am so in love with Marbella. The city is full of cute little details on walls and on ground. Every part of the city is like art of its own kind. I would love to live in a city like that, so inspiring and beautiful, not to mention it is by the sea!
I wore my new favourite Triangl bikini. I love this beige, black and white combination. My guess is that it will look even better when I get a little bit more of a tan. My suggestion for this year's bikini for you is definitely Triangl swimwear! Every piece in their shop is absolutely fabulous and will suit you the best! 
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