Posted onJuly 03, 2015

I just love this outfit that I wore a few days ago. It's perfect for Zagreb's summer rainy days. I got the dress on because it's really simple and perfect for combining with other items over it, with different shoes etc. It can be worn in a million ways, and this is mine. So to spice up the dress I've put over my Zara blazer. These shoes are one of my favourites this summer, they're from my favourite shoes web shop called Public Desire, check them out, you'll love it! 

If you didn't notice until yet - I've changed my hair colour to a little bit darker. I wasn't sure about myself with darker hair colour but when all of my friends and family started saying that my eyes look more teal with brown hair, I decided that I should keep it. The blonde highlights are still here so everything looks really natural thanks to Irena from Hair Box. And of course the credit for amazing photos goes to lovely Mirna Vukres.


Posted onJune 29, 2015

I ordered myself a pair of gladiator shoes from Choies web shop. They are really nice, medium heel and comfortable for long walks too. I showed them to my boyfriend and he made himself a challenge - to get me a perfect matching dress for those shoes. First I was a little bit sceptical, because you know - boys and female clothes, he will never get it. Luckily, I was totally wrong about him. He got me this amazing white dress with cute boho black details. It was like he read my mind or something. He got the most 'IT'' dress at the moment, and that really blew me away. So, lesson learned - don't think your boyfriends don't have a clue about fashion (or at least women fashion) because they will prove you wrong with style. We shot this outfit in Belgrade, and I'm really happy with these photos and my love. 


Posted onJune 27, 2015

If you're following my blog and instagram for some time, then you must know how much I love palms. It's more than love. When I was in Cannes I used the opportunity to take photos for blog with palms wearing something in mediterranean style. I wore an amazing white dress with blue details by my favourite web shop Lulu's. I styled it with beige and blue details. Check out more photos :)

TPOS X adidas x Stella McCartney

Posted onJune 25, 2015

Finally I'm happy to post my other outfit in collaboration with Adidas Croatia, where I'm wearing the latest Stella McCartney pieces for adidas. I love adidas and I love running, so this was a perfect combination. I usually run everyday or every second day when it gets darker in my nearest park to the home. These photos were taken on Svetice track in Zagreb by my talented friend Dora Barker. Check out other photos!
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