Pink Black

Posted onJuly 16, 2016

I sometimes find these outfit photos that I totally forgot to post up earlier. I don't know why but that happens pretty often. This outfit is from this winter / spring actually. I wore a pink powder dress by Missguided with black long coat, Celine sunnies and pink sandals. This outfit can be good for summer days too just to loose the coat. So I didn't fail completely, it is a summer thing anyway :) Check out the rest of these cool images!

White Suit

Posted onJuly 11, 2016

Finally I'm posting one post I actually took photos of in autumn. Yeah it sometimes gets messed up and I just forget to post something, so later when I find the photos I think how foolish I was to forgot such a good outfit. Anyway, the suit dresses are cool as long as there is Balmain, so there it is.You can never be wrong with one, either in black or white. It's like the little black dress for the Kardashian / Jenner clan. I wore it with rose gold strap heels. Check out these cool photos below!

5 years

Posted onJuly 05, 2016

Yesterday was the fifth birthday of my blog! I am so happy to say that The Pile of Style has been active for half a decade. That is actually a long time. When I look back at myself 5 years ago, sitting in my room in the early summer morning, trying to figure out how to open up a blog and think of a creative name... To be honest, I never thought it would last so long. I thought it was just a phase, like any other in a 17 year old girl's life. Now it is not just a hobby anymore. It is a part of me and what I do... I guess it is sometimes a little bit annoying to bring camera everywhere and take a picture of anything, but after all, this is my little online fashion diary. I never liked the word blogger, can't explain. Actually, what I wanted to say on this very special day to me is that today we don't celebrate anything other than you guys being here and remembering to read and follow up on my posts on blog and other social media. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I promise I will keep on getting better and provide some new content! I love you guys!
p.s. check out this amazing black eNVy Room dress!


Posted onJuly 03, 2016

When in Paris, Louvre is a must. Even though you've already visited the museum 5 times before, the least you can do is come to the beautiful glass pyramid that fits amazing in between the old Parisian buildings and take a few photos. It was a rainy day in Paris, and me, as I always was, inspired by the Parisian women, wore a minimalistic outfit. A long black coat, my favourite skinny J Brand Jeans and oversized black and white sweater. The stiletto boots in black leather are my favourite shoes lately. Those were the best money spent in a last half year for sure... The Chanel bag in Paris is a must. Check out the rest of the photos because I think they are pretty amazing!
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