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Valuables are no longer the thing people value the most. Integrity & honesty are worth more than their weight in gold. I read this about Pandora and it totally blew my mind. I heard about the brand long long time ago and since it was one of my favourites because my boyfriend bought me Pandora bracelet. The story went on and he kept on giving me a different pendant now and then to symbolise every part of our relationship. To me it is more than just a bracelet. Pandora DO is about empowering women to take action and be true to who they are and what they want to DO. I think this is beautiful and it makes this brand even more special to me. They celebrate every moment in women's life, weather big or small. DO is about making a statement and showing off your unique sense of style through Pandora jewellery. In this post I am wearing my favourite Pandora bracelet with cutest charms. This locket is very special to me. You can add your edits and embellishment and mix them up. That s exactly what I love about Pandora, you are the creator of your own jewellery and your own destiny...

Love, I

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  1. I will just say Beautiful :)


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