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Dubai Marina is the most European part of Dubai, and also my favourite. It has so much cute little restaurants and coffee places located in between these huge cool skyscrapers. Dubai is all about hight and luxury so no wonder why some of these buildings are maybe the most beautiful ones you'll ever see. Also in this part most Europeans that work in Dubai live. You can see women jogging around in shorts even though that is not allowed in this country. Right behind these buildings is a beautiful white sand beach, the Marina beach. Also my favourite. If you're visiting Dubai, make sure you visit this cool place and grab a dinner with a view. 
I am wearing a cool reversible H&M x Kenzo dress with my favourite Gucci shoes and Dior sunglasses.

Love, I.

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  1. Beautiful dress and beautiful place :) Love it :)

  2. Dubai looks so amazing and chic, will keep this place on the checklist!!
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