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The new Chanel Eyes Collection with Kirsten Stewart as the face is breathtaking. I can't wait to put my hands on these pretty things! All of the information you need read below!

For this product creation Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer, introduces OMBRE PREMIÈRE, a new vision of eyeshadow. These OMBRE PREMIÈRE creations are all about contrast, and with their complete effect, yet nuanced way of dressing the eyelids, they invite you to explore all of their creative options. Bold, unconventional, elegant and nuanced, the OMBRE PREMIÈRE mono eyeshadow collection both expresses these qualities and encourages the women to express them herself. Utilizing a system of stratification, the palette of mono eyeshadows for this year encourages the women to take a mix and match approach with the entire range; each color can stand-alone or can find a compliment in the others alongside it to intensify and amplify results. Here, rich cream eyeshadows can be layered under sumptuous powders or glittering metallics for an emboldened effect; a stratification of colors, textures and tastes that both complements each other and the women. At the same time each distinct ‘strata’ can hold its own, giving the customer the freedom to choose any way she would like to wear it, whether with other colors or as an elegant statement by itself. 


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