Casual Blue Blazer

9:34 PM

I think these minimalistic casual outfits are something I wear the most. Sometimes there are looks that I post just because I find them cool but I never get to actually wear them anything. The sad truth is that I do not have a lot of spare time nor that amount of events that are suitable for such a dress code. So to sum it up, I usually wear basic and good fitted clothing for every day. This is just one example of my regular outfits...

Paige jeans / Paige shirt / Zara shoes / Balenciaga bag

In collaboration with Indigo Store

Love, I.

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  1. Me encanta el look la chaqueta es muy bonita, un besazo.

  2. I really love this blue blazer and the fact that its a bit oversized!!
    Areli's April
    Areli's April on Bloglovin

  3. i love these kind of minimalist look
    the combo blazer - heels
    so nice together
    have a nice day

    ps whats your IG mine is brooklynnns
    i'll follow back

  4. Love this geek chic outfit! You wear it so well. :)

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  6. Anonymous15.3.17

    Manje je više,drago mi je da ti to nisi zaboravila. Mnoge blogerice kod nas,a i šire su pojeli trenutni trendovi puni šarenila,neženstvenih krojeva,pompona i ostalih meni osobno nakaradnih detalja za ženu i stil općenito. Ti ostani najbolja,kakva i jesi.

    1. drago mi je da tako mislis! naravno treba nekada iskombinirati sa trendovskim stvarima, ali uvijek ostati svoj! :*

  7. Beautiful blazer :)

  8. This simple blazer and blue outfit is a good choice for this summer.
    such a beautiful look Western Top Manufacturer!


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