Hello Beauty summer favourite

10:57 PM

A lot of you like to ask me how do I get so tanned after only a few days on the seaside. My trick is to use a good tanning marmelade. I discovered this amazing product from Hello Beauty and I take it with me whenever I go to the beach. It has a really nice texture and glitter so your skin and body will look even better on the beach. There are two versions, one with SPF and one without. I personally love to use the SPF version because it is very important to protect your skin. I never saw any other retailer that gives a tanning marmelade with SPF so this is really a must have product if you ask me. The third product that I love is the oil which also has glitter in it and I love to use it after when I take a shower and go out. It gives me the best fresh and tanned look! Get them HERE.

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  1. Anonymous29.6.17

    Look at that fit Summery body! Well done girl!


  2. That's awesome, I've never heard of a tanning marmelade!!
    Areli's April // On Bloglovin

  3. Anonymous3.7.17

    Vidi se da je radio fotošop


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