At the library

10:01 PM

Warm weather in June and a lot of exams to pass. I would love to spend my time on traveling with friends, dinner, coffee, basically anything other than with book. But no. It is study time and I'm spending it at the National Library. While I was at it, I noticed a spot in the back of the library with a killer light. It is like a studio beauty light or something. Amazing. I used my new Huawei Mate 9 phone to take photos for my post. Yes, you read it well, these are taken with a phone. It has 2 Leica cameras and it makes the most perfect shots ever. No photoshop, nothing here. I just want you to stand there and think where the future is going, what is next if this is possible. Crazy right? Anyway, I wore my super cute white blouse from Shein shop with black pants. I love this shirt and I am sure I am going to wear it all summer long. These earrings are super cool, hand made by Serbian designer Dunasab. More about them in a different post!

Shein shirt / Zara pants / Dunasab earrings / Celine sunnies from Ghetaldus optika

Love, I.

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  1. Anonymous9.6.17

    Classy outfit! Masculine perfection!


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