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It has been a while since my latest post. I do not know why but I find it so hard to edit the images so I just postpone everything for a day. A day turns into a week and a week into two. So here I am making myself write a post.

But not to be all grumpy, I have some pretty cute images from London over here, from one of the most chic neighbourhoods. I wore a black and white outfit to fit in with the architecture. Just kidding it was an accident. I really love this part of London. It is so cute. Also, Kensington is my favourite. But we will get to that in another post. There is much to say about my trip to London so I wan't use it all in the first post obviously. So yeah, I wore a flared pants from NA-KD, Zara top and Zara shoes which have been my favourite lately... 

NA-KD pants / Zara top / Zara shoes / Gucci bag / Ray Ban sunglasses from Optika Anda

Photos by Roza Zanini

Love, I.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and great part of the beautiful London and I also love love love your look :)

  2. great look, love the pants


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