Sun Aqua Vilu Reef Maldives

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Right now while I am writing this in a cold spring day in Zagreb, there is a place only two airplanes, one seaplane and a speedboat away where the sun is shining and the weather is sweet. My trip to the Maldives really did come unexpected. I always looked at the pictures of those cute water villas with pools thinking 'one day...'. So that day arrived and I got to be in the paradise for a week.  The paradise is called Sun Aqua Vilu Reef.
I am very tired from my usual fast and chaotic lifestyle - study, shoot, make outfits, study some more... When you come to the Maldives you forget about everything. I just left all my worries behind and didn't think about them for a second. The resort has everything you need, everything you can think of and more. If you thought you are going to be bored here, that is really not an option. 
The villa in which I stayed was located on a beach. Beautiful white decorated bedroom with a huge nice bed and an outdoor bathroom with 3 showers and a bath. A big walk in closet was the best part for me! The villa had that Maldivian style mixed with modern design which I personally really loved. I wanted to feel the Maldivian culture too, not to be locked in some classical resort without any touch of the local sense. The villa had a huge private pool and a nice sun deck with a swing where I spent my days watching the sunset and palms reflecting in the pool. Just peacefully enjoying the moments and feeling happy and grateful to be here. I also spent a few days in the famous water villa which also had a pool and a great interior design. I personally wanted to see the water villa more, but at the end it turned out the beach villa was so much better for me. It had a nice white sand and the perfect way in the sea. The nature was closer, and there  never were much people on the beach so it felt really private and beautiful. 

I have only good things to say about the food in the resort. There are two restaurants and a snack bar. I ate mostly fish and sea food which makes sense since I was at the seaside. I had an opportunity to meet the chef and find out more about the Maldivian recipes. 

I tried stand up paddling, jet skiing, diving and many more water sports. There is a tennis and badminton court. Still, you can always just relax and swim in the beautiful crystal clear teal water. I loved snorkelling around the reef which is located very close to the hotel. The underwater is so breathtaking. I saw so many different colourful fishes and corals. That is something I think everyone should try and see! Also there are a lot of one day trips available like seeing  sharks and spending a day on the deserted island.

The energy in Sun Aqua Vilu Reef is the most positive and beautiful energy in the whole Maldives and further. I met some amazing people there and learned a lot about the Maldives which I think most of the people never learn. Everyone was so kind and positive which made my stay even better. Those moments spent in that little island are something I will cherish and remember forever. Especially the ones that i couldn't catch with my camera like how in the night time while the moon is full the moonlight reflects on the sand and you can see everything. And even though the sky is dark, somehow, the sea still has that perfect teal colour. You have to see it with your own eyes. The nature is so perfect and mysterious. This trip was different from everything and everywhere I've been to. It inspired me in so many different ways. I hope that I will come back soon and witness that beauty and that positivity again.

To show you more I've prepared a Youtube video which will be on my channel soon and of course a lot of inspiring outfits so you can look more of those beautiful Maldivian pictures! 

Thank you Sun Aqua Vilu Reef for everything <3 hope to visit soon!

Love, I.

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