Inspired by fine French fragrances

4:52 PM

Silan brings a touch of Parisian luxury and glamour to all your laundry. I wore 3 different outfits in 3 different places that make Zagreb feel like Paris. The 3 outfits resemble the 3 different packings of new Silan Supreme. The first one in a gold dress is a cute place with macaroons. I wore the symbolic black strap around my hand as a bracelet.Silan Suprême Glamour encapsulates the luxurious lifestyle that most of us can only aspire to. Inspired by an all-time popular French classic perfume, wrapped up in glamorous gold packaging.
In the second outfit I am walking around Zagreb's famous park Zrinjevac. This reminds me of romantic walks around the city of love. I wore the strap in my hair. Silan Suprême Romance in an alluring pink bottle, transporting you straight to the elegant and romance-filled streets of Paris in spring.  last but not least, purple dress in a night out in a place that resembles the famous Moulin Rouge.Silan Suprême Passion, in stylish and sophisticated purple, is bound to make hearts beat a little faster.The Silan strap is now used as a choker. Gold, pink and purple are the colours of new Silan Supreme. Available in three sensational fragrances, the new Silan Suprême collection will appeal to scent lovers everywhere. 

photos by Dora Barker

Love, I.

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  1. Anonymous5.4.17

    Always looking spectacular!! Great photos!

  2. Great photos,keep sharing, looking for more beauty hair


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