Sheikh Zayed Mosque

1:00 AM

Abu Dhabi. A beautiful place in the desert. A city of beautiful architecture and modern buildings. Somewhere next to all of that futurism there is the biggest mosque in this part of the Earth. It's Sheikh Zayed's mosque. He is very loved by the people in Abu Dhabi, the biggest Emirat of UAE. 
I really loved Abu Dhabi but more about the city in my next post.
Now I am going to tell you about this beautiful gold / marble heaven. Like in every mosque, there are strict rules about the dress code. For women it is very important to cover the head and not to show any part of your body except hands. The dress has to be long until ankles and it must be loose. No posing for photos in any disrespectful way like putting hands on your waist. You will be warned or even shown out. Either way it is amazing to see this mosque. I enjoyed the rules and I must say it was interesting for me to experience the real UAE lifestyle. More about my trip to the Emirates soon! 

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Love, I.

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  1. I visited this place 5 years ago beautiful architecture :) Your style is amazing love the look :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Love your look!


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