Anti Social Social Club

7:37 PM

Every cool girl is half boy. Every cool girl buys herself oversized hoodies and does not steal them from her boyfriend. Every cool person is kind of anti social. I love this Anti Social Social Club hoodie. They are sold out now everywhere! Also this skirt is actually a dress from Choies.
 It is hard to get to know one person just through posts on blog and instagram. Most people when they meet me say they didn't imagine me this way. Maybe my constant photo bitch face tells the different story. If you know me you know that I am the perfect person for this club. So cheers to that and amazing photos by my friend Filip!

Anti Social Social club hoodie / Choies metallic dress

Photos by Filip Koludrovic

Love, I.

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  1. Just superb! Love your outfits girl!

  2. You always look so cool. I just love the colors you choose.
    black quinceanera dress

  3. That skirt is so good!



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