Tight and sleek

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If you’re following the fashion scene, you know how popular are tight and sleek clothes. It all started with The Kardashians and Jenners who inspire a lot of young people, and now become a big trend in the world and of course on the instagram. The workout leggings can be worn for a workout but also as a part of a cool outfit. I was always saying that leggings are not pants and should not be worn that way, but when you have a nice body and of course a quality pair of workout leggings (which you know how to style to look flawless) it can work out! The nude, olive, baby pink and khaki colours are taking over and even every Kanye’s show has those pieces in his own collections. I know, it does depend on your personal style, but if you feel like trying out this cool trend, now is the time. You’ll be the coolest and most styled person in your local gym wearing these workout leggings. I love to style them with a loose oversized top in the matching colour or a cool statement hoodie. If you’re in gym, don’t hesitate to go tight and sleek all the way so you can practice and perform even better. Make those fashionable boxer braids and start working out and getting your body ready for the next season. You really don’t want to leave it all for the last minute again, am I right? The coolest workout leggings I found are not even expensive and they keep your body warm and perfect for working out. I know that every time I wear something pretty to the gym I will be more effective. That is really subconscious talking but if it works for me, why wouldn’t it work for you too?

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