The taste of Slavonia

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Some of my roots come from Slavonia. Slavonia is a region in Croatia very famous for it's various food specialities and cute towns with a lot of interesting stuff.
I went on a one day trip around Slavonia with Argeta. The slavonian Argeta taste is my favourite so I wasn't going to miss this opportunity and learn more about this amazing place and the local food. 
The first stop was in Đakovo, a city in the heart of Slavonia mostly famous by its glorious red cathedral. I remember visiting this cathedral with my high school class and drawing it afterwards on a sheet of paper. 
This time the catherdal was not what caught my eye and all of the attention. We visited a ranch with the most beautiful horses in Croatia. They are white, trained and very lovely. You can do horseback riding or just watch them how beautiful they are. After this we got back on the road all the way to Valpovo, another cute town in Slavonia. Since I've never been in Valpovo before I was looking forward to finally seeing the famous Prandau-Normann castle. The castle is divine! I love baroque architecture so this one was exactly in my taste. I took some amazing photos in front of a castle and had fun visiting the inside of it too. 
Finally it was lunch time! We drove to etno selo Karanac for a nice home cooked meal! The restaurant was called Baranjska Kuca, since it is located in a heart of Baranja. Their special is gulaš. It's a must, really. 
You will never ever have a meal like that anywhere you go. Everything is home made and the quaily is amazing. Also you should look around the village because all of those little colourful houses are too cute and perfect for photographs!
Next stop - wine! The perfect place to go after a nice lunch is a winery very close to Karanac. This wine is famous all around Croatia and is one of the best we have. Make sure to get a few bottles as a gift for friends and family. Trust me, they will enjoy it! After a little chill we have to move on to our next stop, and that is a famous Nature park Kopacki Rit. I like to describe it as a Monet's waterlillies painting. It's like you fell in it! Of course it feels different in each season of the year but I feel like summer is the best time to visit. Walk around the park, take a ride on a boat. Explore the nature and relax in peace. The last stop is Osijek! We visitd the famous fortress and had a few drinks in the city. Osijek is very pretty by night because lights shine very beautiful. We took a walk by Drava filled with memories for the rest of our lives. It was a great trip! Check out Argeta's online guide here and travel! 

Love, I.

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