La Posidonia

6:59 PM

When I was on Ibiza I've also been in Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, the oldest 5 star hotel on Ibiza, and by far the best one there is. I was so lucky to see their amazing spa called La Posidonia. The whole hotel is located on top of a cliff on the North- East side of the island. The spectacular view from the hotel's pools that are located as cascades. The Cascadas Suspendidas are an outdoor thalassotherapy treatment consisting of 8 different pools heated at different temperatures which provide high pressure hydro jet massages starting from the soles of your feet and finishing with your head. It was really an amazing experience with the best view ever. Some superior rooms have their own pools also on top of the hill, looking over the cliff to the deep sea. They also have a few other pools in the hotel, because they don't have a beach (but let's face it, they don't need it anyhow). In my next post I will tell you more about this amazing hotel and design, for now check out the photos from this heaven on earth and check out my new Mijanou Swimwear one piece suit that I absolutely love. They have unique handmade design and all of their models are high quality and made with love. 

Love, I.

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  1. You look gorgeous!

  2. That is such a beautiful bathing suit! These photos look like they came out of a fashion magazine!

  3. Girl, you look incredible!

  4. Beautiful pictures and :)

  5. Čak i na tvoj savršenom tijelu je ovaj badić grozan. Ne volim njihove modele :/

  6. Anonymous11.10.16

    Hoće li biti fotki s ovim badićem, preodličan mi je, a ne znam gdje da ga kupim...

    Hvala ti na potencijalnoj informaciji!

  7. Anonymous12.10.16

    hej! hoce hoce, to ti je isti brend kao i ovaj badic u ovom postu :D


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