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10:31 PM

When it comes to music festivals, I can say that is kind of my ground since before I even started a blog. I am not one of those fake bloggers who go to music festivals just to take cute and happy photos from the behind with hands in the air and wearing shorts and a band shirt but can't name 3 songs from that very band. That really pisses me off, but whatever it's really not my problem actually. I enjoy music and I love going to music festivals since 2009 (the first time my parents let me). This year except for Ibiza, which is actually a no stop party island, I visited EXIT Festival in Novi Sad. This is my second outfit from the festival. I wore a black top with visible bra straps, shorts with lace details and a buckle belt. My makeup was more cool than regular because of the sequins I used as a highlighter. And for the end, my friend Filip Koludrovic did the magic with photography. Check out his work on instagram!

Primark top / Primark shorts / Mango belt / God Save Queens bra / Givenchy bag / Zara shoes / Zara choker

photos by Filip Koludrovic

Love, I.

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  1. Love the Way That You've styled Them with the rest of this outfit!


  2. Anonymous30.9.16

    Baš sam krenula pisati kako ti super stoji ovaj festival look,kao da je tvoja duša predstavljena,onda pročitam da baš obožavaš festivale- zapravo,pa očito se to i vidi u outfitu.


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