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I've been a fan of music festivals for ages. The last two years my favourite music festival in the region in EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. I love that every year they bring a big spectre of different artists and music genres. EXIT has 19 stages all around the old Petrovaradin fortress and the ambient is really cool. This year I was listening my favourite funk band for the first time, George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic. After a great time on the main stage and wandering around other stages in between the shows I love to go to Dance Arena and just dance through the night until the sun is so high. Everyone always brings sunglasses and the party goes on until 9am. It is an incredible feeling that one experiences when listening to a good DJ set and just blending in emotions with the crowd. 
This outfit is what I wore on the first day of the festival. I love my mini Louis Vuitton vintage backpack because it is really useful. I also wore a beautiful playsuit from Mermaid Blonde and a chocker necklace. The makeup was festival perfect - sequins all over me! My friend Filip Koludrovic who is a very talented young photographer and also my friend took these photos. Be sure to check out his instagram page because this guy really knows what he's doing!

Mermaid Blonde playsuit / Louis Vuitton backpack / Zara necklace

Photos by Filip Koludrovic

Love, I.

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  1. so amazing look :-))

    i invite to me too


  2. Anonymous16.9.16

    Tek sad?Bitno da srpski blogeri nisu bili.

    1. imam puno zaostataka, tako da bolje ikad nego nikad, zar ne? o tome nemam informacije...

  3. Anonymous16.9.16

    Beautiful! Where did you get the silver heart necklace?

    1. it's gold and it's from a jeweler in Belgrade :)

  4. predzadnja slika preprepredivna!


  5. Anonymous17.9.16

    Predivna si na ovim slikama :)


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