The Hottest Summer Fashion Trends

5:49 PM

Now that we're on the cusp of summertime, those of us who wish to keep up with the trends of the season are forced to examine their wardrobe a little bit closer. There's a number of must-have items you simply need to look closer into, and if you feel like you need them in your closet they can be bought on a discount with a simple Kohl's coupon. So, don't wait any longer - keep reading to learn more about the hottest summer fashion trends!

1. Printed Shorts

All of the leggy, statuesque types out there who enjoy showing off their stems would do well to pick up a few pairs of printed shorts for the summer. Choosing ones with eye catching, brightly colored prints will ensure that all eyes remain glued to you whenever you enter a room! Be sure to select a blouse with a more balanced color scheme to pair with the shorts and you will have a summer outfit that simply cannot be ignored.

2. Peek a Boo Lace

This style is perfect for the woman who wishes to tantalize just a bit, while remaining in style. Peek a boo lace provides the opportunity to be just a little bit playful with your outfit and still leave plenty to the imagination. Plus, it's also a great way to show a little bit of skin and stay cool during those sweaty summertime functions and events.

3. Dresses Made of Leather

While wearing a leather dress during the balmy summer months might seem like a recipe for excessive sweating and runny makeup, this fabric does not have to be limited to cold weather usage only. Leather dresses will work just as well even when the temperatures rise. Be sure to choose light colors for maximum comfort and do your best to keep your silhouette as airy as possible.

4. Crop Tops

Summer is a time to show some extra skin and crop tops offer a simple way to do just that. Remember to choose a style that works best with your specific proportions – some women look best in denim halter tops that are paired with A line skirts to create a look that is classic and demure, while others choose boxier blouses and miniskirts when they want to be a little bit more daring than usual.

5. Embracing the Backless Dress

Let's face it, a backless dress isn't exactly the best idea during the winter months, but summer serves as a fine opportunity to truly strut your stuff. The backless dress is quite versatile and can be worn to a number of different soirees and for the confident woman who does not mind a big reveal, these dresses will definitely turn heads for all of the right reasons. They are a common choice for women who wish to project a businesslike appearance, while remaining playfully confident.

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