Running with adidas x Stella McCartney

11:05 AM

A few days ago I made a post about the new adidas x Stella McCartney collection. This is the second part of that post. All of the clothes I am wearing here are adidas x Stella McCartney, including the Boostx sneakers. I love running, that is what I do every or every other day for the past few years to stay fit. It is great for long and skinny legs if you run slow and have a good stretch afterwards. It is also great for mind and soul. It makes you more happy about yourself. I took these photos on a track and I really hope that you guys like them! #adidashrvatska 

adidas x Stella McCartney everything

Photos by Lili Ra

Love, I.

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  1. I like running as well! I think it is a great way to stay fit and it is also great for mental health. :)
    I like your adidas shoes. Where I can get those?
    Btw, you look so fit and you are beautiful!

  2. Amazing photos dear!!!


  3. Anonymous21.8.16

    jel mi možeš reći preko koje stranice naručuješ šminku sa kojom se šminkaš za videe i shootinge ? imam problema s nalaženjem neke koja ima dostavu za HR :)

  4. Anonymous21.8.16

    great post! keep up the good work :)

    cant you give me an advice how to become a succesful blogger? :)

  5. You're gorgeous! Try less "open mouth" pictures, looks like you want to kill or eat someone, smile looks much better:)

  6. Great post!

  7. Anonymous28.8.16

    Idealna figura! Jel možda koristiš kakve protein shake-ove ili slično? I summer tan na koži ti je amazing :OOO <3

    1. Nista ne pijem, samo pokusavam jesti sto vise zdravo! :) najvaznija je kuhinja :)


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