Red dress one year ago

9:02 PM

Well, I guess you already know about my superpower - ability to find some old forgotten outfit photos and post them a long time after they were supposed to be posted. That is the case with this outfit. Exactly one year ago I got this beautiful red dress and took photos of it in Zagreb with Dora Barker. We both forgot about these photos until recently. I guess it is still not late to post this dress since a lot of people are still wearing it. I know, I would be so cool if I did it last year but what can I do. At least my hair is longer this year and not this orange. And I think my makeup skills got better. I am still loving these shoes from Linzi just like this amazing bag by Moschino. The dress is from Choies.

Choies dress / Linzi heels / Moschino bag

photos by Dora Barker

Love, I.

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  1. love this dress!

  2. Heh, well, good that you did post these photos after all because they SO deserve to be be seen!
    Looking breathtaking in this dress... A year ago, but I'm sure that you would now too. :D


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