ZASU Now is The Time

9:45 PM

ZASU is a famous Croatian jewelry brand. They are famous because every single piece in their collection has a meaning and a purpose. I discovered them first time a few years back, and this spring I was a model in their campaign ''Now is The Time''. The collection is inspired by the moment. They used crystals that are good for relaxation, energy of love, adventure, positive energy, basically everything beautiful that we want to get in this summer. I had a wonderful time shooting in beautiful Šibenik on various locations. We shot in the sunrise and sunset. It was an amazing experience for me, and I am so happy that the collection is finally out. I will upload a video too next week so you guys can prepare. Check them out on their web page and discover more beautiful and inspiring designs at ZASU.

Photos: Karlo Richter for ZASU

Love, I.

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  1. Amazing photos!

  2. so amazing pics= ]

    i invite to me too

  3. Anonymous1.7.16

    od kud su bijele kratke hlacice? super si

  4. Anonymous1.8.16

    Predivan blog, ali djeluješ jako fotošopirano na ovim slikama o.O
    No hard feelings ;)

    1. znam, ne licim na sebe uopce! ali nema veze, bitan je nakit :)


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