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I am posting up my post from beautiful Cordoba in Spain. This city is one of the most famous cities in Andalusia. I love the Cordoba Cathedral, it is so divine and glorious. I have visited a lot of cathedrals in Europe, but architecturally speaking, this one is definitely one of my favourites. But the cathedral is not the thing that won my heart over in Cordoba. It was these cute little flowers in cans all around the walls. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, there are colourful flowers and cans. It very romantic and very artistic at the same time. 

In Cordoba I was wearing a total Kocca outfit. Kocca is, as you all well know, a famous Italian fashion brand. I love them since I was a kid, so naturally I am very happy to post their looks on my blog. This amazing jacket is a perfect tweed item that every woman should own. The leather skirt is a must have this year, and all in combination with a simple white top looks flawless. Perfect for romantic walks around Cordoba...

Kocca top / Kocca skirt / Kocca jacket / Zara shoes / Massimo Dutti bag

Love, I,

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  1. Such a gorgeous outfit. I absolutely love love love those boots!

  2. beautiful coat!

  3. i love these photos!

  4. Beautiful look :) Love the boots and the jacket :)

  5. Great looks, my love style.

  6. Love the coat! nice outfit!

  7. Anonymous24.6.16

    odlična si,samo još tebe pratim od hrvatskih blogerica,a i najsimpatičnija si mi kad pričas,nekako se najfinije izražavaš.

  8. Anonymous27.6.16

    ajme predivna kombinacija wooooow :) <3


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