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My second outfit in collaboration with Roses Designer Outlet is a total spring chick outfit. I love this Armani jeans dress in navy because it is a classic and wearable piece, just like this mini Juicy Couture bag with this cute scarf. The shoes on the other hand are something that pops out of all this classic. Silver Macr By Marc Jacobs babies are such a must have! Check out for more designer pieces on low prices in Roses...

Armani Jeans dress (XYZ outlet) / Juicy Couture bag (XYZ Outlet) / Marc by Marc Jacobs sneakers (Karla Outlet) // All available in Roses Designer Outlet

Photos by Dora Barker

Love, I.

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  1. This look is stunning! I am loving those metallic shoes and that gorgeous bag. Definitely great for spring!

  2. nice dress!

  3. Beautiful dress :) Love the bag mine is in pink /orange colour :)


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