Light Blue

8:16 PM

Today's outfit is in light blue tones and warm items perfect for winter. I fell in love with this Fracomina coat on the first glance. It's warm and super stylish and unique, just the way that I like my winter jackets as. The shirt I am wearing below is from Mihael Kors and it's a classic white shirt that is wearable for any occasion. The jeans are totally chic. An item that can make any usual outfit unusual just with those little details. The truth is that I never ever wear jeans (except in black or grey) and these are my second jeans in wardrobe. These shoes are not so wintery, I know, but I just had to style them in this outfit because of the colour. Oh and all of these items are from Roses Designer Outlet and I got them on a lower price than regular. They have some amazing stuff so make sure to check it out!

Fracomina jacket from XYZ outlet / Fracomina jeans from XYZ outlet / Coccinelle bag from XYZ outlet / Michael Kors shirt from XYZ outlet / Jessica Simpson shoes from Shoe Box outlet // all from Roses Designer outlet

Photos by Mirna Vukres

Love, I.

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  1. Gorgeous! Your coat looks so beautiful. And I love your makeup as well. You are rocking it as usual :)

  2. Ovo mi se uopste ne svidja! Kao da si usla u kina butik i obukla se od glave do pete.
    . . . just my opinion.

  3. Wonderfully styled outfit, these jeans are so chic and unique! :)

  4. Anonymous1.4.17

    Love the outfit, adore your shoes !
    I am actually jealous in the animal who gave its skin to be your lovely pumps!


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