Black Coat Platform Shoes

11:34 PM

This week was crazy for me. I had only 5 days to get ready for my next partial exam in law school, so I spent all of my time in the library. If you are following me on snapchat (eclairesova) you should know everything about my day that is not on instagram. I also thought about starting making youtube videos, so if you guys want to see something specific please tell me in comments about it. 
Here I am back on Zagreb's streets wearing Sheinside black coat with amazing shirt from NewChic and new favourite shoes from Choies. You must have spotted these cool sunnies on my ig, they are by Dsquared2 from Optika Anda. Click below to see more photos!

Sheinside coat / NewChic sweater / Zara shirt / Zara pants / Maison Valentino bag / Dsquared2 sunglasses from Optika Anda / Choies shoes

Hair by Hair Box

Love, I.

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  1. Anonymous17.1.16

    Jel možeš reći kakav regenerator/ulje koristiš za kosu? Već sam te to jednom pitala u odgovorima,ali iz nekog razloga nisi odgovorila,pa ako nije problem da napišeš.

    1. Hej, nije mi se htjelo objaviti ponekad se dogadja. Jednom tjedno izmiksam zumanjac + maslinovo + ricinusovo i to drzim na kosi satvremena i onda isperem prije pranja. Za pranje trenutno Label.m proizvode. Maskica stvarno pomaze i vidim razliku od prije :)

  2. cool look! love everything you are wearing!

  3. Anonymous17.1.16

    htjeli bi vidjeti kolekciju šminke *_*

  4. so fine pics ; --)))

    i invite to me too

  5. Liking incredibly stylish and inspiring from head to toe! I love your platform shoes and chic sunnies!

  6. love the bag and sunglasses!


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