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A few days ago I wrote a post about how I iron my casual clothes and some special materials that are hard or impossible to iron with a normal iron. I presented you with my favourite discovery, Philips Steamer. You can check it out here. Now I decided to make a follow up article about how I iron and maintain my clothes during travels. I always bring my Philips Steam&Go with me because believe it or not I always need it, especially when I have some long special occasion dresses for shootings like this beautiful red one. When I pack fully ironed dress it rarely comes out of my suitcase the way it came in. Some material;s are really hard to maintain and iron but with steamers it is really just a few minutes of easy work. Steam&Go is very small and compact for travelling and it always helps me with preparations for shootings or some special events on which everyone looks flawless. The New Years is just around the corner and I know many of you will travel somewhere, so have in mind my advice for flawless clothes during travels. It really helps me a lot all of the times. Check out this video for more information on the product!

Love, I.

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  1. great!

  2. Anonymous7.12.15

    TKo te slikao ? Preslatka si *_*

  3. Jao ovo je sjajno! Inače, predivna si i obožavam tvoj blog ( koji sam, ne znam kako, tek nedavno otkrila). Pošto piše: ˝Ask me anything, I´m happy to help!˝, da iskoristim i pitam nešto što nema veze sa modom. :) Elem, planiram za Novu godinu u Zagreb, možeš li mi preporučiti neki klub ili neko mesto gde znaš da dobro organizuju doček? Hvala. :)

  4. i think you are so pretty!

    red prom dress

  5. i like you dresses

  6. You look so pretty. I wish there was before and after picture to see how it works :-)


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