New Years: Silver

9:25 AM

I decided to make a whole bunch of outfits but in a way that there will be something for everyone. For those with a simple minimalistic style that want to get out of their usual black zone I suggest this cute silver dress from Zara. The best part is that sales started yesterday so hurry up. I like this dress because of its simplicity and elegance but still it has a party vibe going on. It is definitely something I would wear on my New Years if I went just on a romantic dinner with my boyfriend. The shoes I wore with it are a little bit massive, to give more of a party vibe to the outfit. They are my good old Giuseppe Zanotti heels that I never actually wear. I have no idea why I got them... Hope you like my new party outfit with an affordable price. 

Zara dress / Giuseppe Zanotti heels 

Makeup by NDG Make Up
Photos by Dora Barker

Special thanks to Hotel Sheraton Zagreb

Love, I.

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  1. Awesome dress!

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  2. amazing!

  3. Gorgeousness!!

  4. Anonymous28.12.15

    Super outfit iako su mi ove Zanotti malo više 'stripper heels' stil ,ali izgledaš urbano i elegantno u isto vrijeme

  5. so cute look ;-))


    new post

  6. Anonymous29.12.15

    ove džusepe rađe prodaj , zgledaju jeftino

  7. Izgledaš odlično, ali moram reći da je haljina užasno skrojena! U izlogu sam se zaljubila i poletila ju kupiti za doček i kada sam obukla imam šta vidjeti. Gdje god pogledaš grudnjak ispada :/ I to ne na onaj prihvatljivi, seksi način nego baš glupo.

  8. Anonymous31.12.15

    Haljina je fora,samo bolja bi bila u nekom charston ili gatsby stilu,a cipele su baš pravo talijanski neukus.


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