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On the last FHR fashion show the new Croatian designer brand AMAN blew my mind. We are used to a certain kind of design here, and it's really rare to see a designer stand out of that box. That is why I loved AMAN. The pieces in Martina Budek's first collection are all wearable for every day or for a night out. It's for a classy, chic and sophisticated women. 

I wore this purple dress on Elle Style Awards 2015. My hair was all in the back, something like a wet look. I bought these earrings just for that occasion to go with the dress. They are Balmain x H&M. Since I didn't make any good or useful photos for my blog on ESA, I took the dress with me to Budapest and shot some photos there. It was the perfect location in the golden hour. I can't believe my boyfriend took these photos. I'm so very proud of him. Check out the rest of the photos in this beautiful dress, and wait for more outfits in AMAN.
 AMAN dress / Balmain x H&M earrings / Zara heels

Photos by Ognjen Sabljic

Love, I.

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  1. Anonymous13.12.15

    Predivna haljina, i ljubičasto ti prekrasno stoji! Drago mi je da dizajn nije copy-paste od inozemnih ,na istu šemu,već je autentičan!

  2. Anonymous13.12.15

    Ženo, koji si ti komad! :)

  3. OMG that dress in the golden sunlight is beyond amazing.

    || D I A N A ||

  4. so pretty ;-)

    i invite to me too

  5. Love it :)

  6. Beautiful dress and great pictures:)

  7. love this dress!

  8. Anonymous14.12.15

    Ljepoticaaaa,stvarno si do jaja

  9. Love your dress, and you are so beautiful


  10. Anonymous16.12.15

    Predivna boja i uzorak na haljini,a i naušnice su zakon.

  11. Anonymous16.12.15

    Jako si me obradovala sa vijesti da ćeš snimati videa za youtube ,primjetila sam da imaš jako dobre video editing skillse pa bi bilo šteta ne iskoristiti taj talent :) Jako se veselim videima


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