Philips ClearTouch

12:16 PM

I often get questions about the way I organise my closet, my room, some details about my personal lifestyle and secrets to always look good and fresh. So today I decided to reveal one of my 'secrets' that makes getting ready so much easier. I heard about Steamers a long time ago, but I didn't pay much attention to it since I lived with my parents and mostly my mum dealt with my clothes. Later, on some fashion show in Croatia I noticed that designers use steamers to make their designs look spotless before models exit on the catwalk.  It's a really quick way to make clothes look perfect in a different ways. I got my first steamer from Philips recently, it's called Philips ClearTouch. I use it to iron my clothes mostly. It's a quick way to get anything ironed. I mean anything. From formal dresses and shirts to tuxedos and etc. I used to have so much trouble to iron a simple shirt, and now it's a two minute job. Steamer has been so helpful to me. Another great thing is that it can be used to ventilate and refresh clothes that has been sitting in a closet for a while. Plus if you've been out and your dress smells like smoke you can get rid of it with a steamer. You can check out the technical details in this video here.

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  1. this is cool domestic machine

  2. Nice photos :)

    Maria V.


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