Firenze Duomo

6:03 PM

Firenze, the city of eternal art. If you guys are following me from the start, you probably know about my EuroTrip with train and that I like to travel a lot. I was always into art, especially in high school when I actually wanted to study art history (but somehow law won that battle). My favourite subject in school was always are, and I loved it and found it interesting more than anything. When I visited Rome I ran around all of the locations with a map, just to see more during the lunch breaks while my class mates were eating delicious pasta in those cute Italian restaurants. So the point is that I always wanted to go to Florence, and I never got a chance until now. I always imagined that I would stay for a whole month or maybe more and get to know every single corner of this amazing town with such an inspiring history and somehow experience the life in a different perspective through some crazy art related adventures that would happen to me there. That didn't happen. I stayed for two days and didn't get to see 1/10 things that were on my list. That's why some day I'm going back here, and getting that adventure I always dreamt about. Sounds silly when I say it that way, but do you ever get that feeling, when you're walking around some city like Florence, that some huge interesting and mysterious things happened here many years ago, and wonder what would be like if you lived there in that time? 

For my outfit outside of this glorious building, I wore a crop shirt from Choies with a blue and black waistcoat from Choies, my favourite classic heels from Zara and a Gucci bag.

Zara heels / Choies waistcoat / Choies shirt / Zara pants / Gucci bag

Photos by Lili R.

Love, I.

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  1. so pretty ;-)

    i invite to me too

  2. lijepe slike :) super mi je ta torba!


  3. love the vest!

  4. Anonymous22.11.15

    Hey,može samo jedan mali tehnički savjet? Ima nas koji smo kratkovidni ovdje ,pa nam je izuzetno teško čitati ovako sitna siva slova :/ jel bi bilo moguće da u toku sljedećeg tjedna/mjeseca podesiš možda malo veća ili tamnija slova? Unaprijed zahvaljujem

  5. Anonymous1.4.17

    Well, you look stunning. the shoes are to die for.


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