Coat on Dress

10:40 AM

For my third look in collaboration with Roses Designer outlet I wanted to go a little bit more simple. For this autumn I made total 5 looks for Roses and they are all connected somehow through pieces, styles and colours. This one is also elegant and simple. I wore an amazing dress in grey by Michael Kors. This dress makes your body look perfect I swear. Over it I wore Michael Kors short coat in beige. The bag is Coccinelle and it fits perfectly in this outfit!

Michael Kors dress from XYZ Store / michael Kors coat from XYZ Store / Coccinelle bag from Karla Stores / Armani sunglasses from Ghetaldus // All from Roses Designer outlet

Photos by Roza Zanini

Love, I.

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  1. Pure perfection! These boots are everything!

  2. nice coat!

  3. This look is pure perfection on you-love it!


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