Morgan De Toi

3:26 PM

When I was a little girl my mum had these amazing black leather stiletto heels that I loved to wear around the house even though they they were huge for my little foot. That is the first thing that pops to my mind when I think about Morgan De Toi. I visited Morgan in Sportina store in Arena Centar Zagreb. I found this amazing boho dress, perfect for late summer and autumn. Since boho is this year's biggest hit, I decided to post it up on blog. To finish up the outfit I got a leather jacket (also in Morgan). Ok this jacket is just fantastic. Amazing shape and style. Biker jackets never die, but this piece looks perfect on me. So if you're by any chance looking for a leather jacket, this is your model. And now comes the bag. I was actually in a huge dilemma weather to match this blue leather bag or another brown leather bag with this entire combination. Both of those Morgan De Toi bags are totally boho and easy to combine, but this one got my heart first. Click below to see more photos!

Morgan de Toi everything / except heels

Love, I.

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  1. Prekrasna, stylish i zenstvena!! Torba je nevjerojatna!

  2. Style always related to fashion and this fashion show the your full of attitude which any one can Inspire .

  3. Anonymous24.10.15

    Zgodna si ali drugi put blago nabaci malkoc korektora jer ti dnevno svjetlo ocrtava summer tan pregibe na licu (konkretno u podrucju usana)

    1. :) obicno mi pisu da uvijek imam previse sminke, pa je bio cilj ovoga zapravo da vidim kakve ce biti reakcije ako nemam sminke, i eto nikad zadovoljni. inace znam se nasminkati, hvala na svjetu :))

  4. Anonymous26.10.15

    Meni si odlicna bez sminke :) Vise volim nasminkane cure i sama se sminkam, ali lijepa si prirodno tako da je bas osvjezenje vidjeti te "golog" lica. I mislim da raw lice bas pase na ovaj styling. Kao "I don't give a fuck" look ;)
    Samo nastavi!

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  7. Anonymous15.6.17

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