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Like every year, the absolute swimwear hit on the beaches all around the world was TRIANGL with their amazing bikinis. I got this lovely piece in black (that has an amazing wet look) on spring and literally couldn't wait to wear it. I was surprised with an amount of fake triangl bikinis everywhere I went. I mean it's really easy to recognise a fake. The real one is made of neoprene, it's firm and looks amazing on body. It doesn't squash or change its shape. Triangle bikinis have amazing quality, and I have to say that I bought fourth model recently (you can see it on my instagram). 
The photos were taken on Hvar's most beautiful and luxurious beach - Bonj Les Bains. More about it in one of my next posts :)

Triangl bikini / Ray Ban sunglasses

Photos by Ognjen Sabljic

Love, I.

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