Super Casual

12:07 AM

This is my casual summer outfit, a little bit too girl-ish for my style. I like this kind of skirts in summer. I also love matching brown leather bags with belts and heels. Especially when it comes to Burberry and Marc by Marc Jacobs. I got these amazing pieces in Roses Designer Outlet. Get ready for summer with new designer pieces. Photos are again taken by lovely Dora Barker

Armani Jeans shirt from XYZ / Burberry belt and bag from XYZ / Marc Jacobs heels from Karla / Sportina skirt (all from Roses Fashion Outlet)

Photos by Dora Barker

Love, I.

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  1. fine style! ;-)

    new post

  2. Anonymous16.6.15

    svratila da kazem koliko ovdje cara lici na tebe! haha inace predivna kao i uvijek:)

  3. Anonymous17.6.15

    Isabella ,jesi li ti kavopija? Just wondering :* kidaaaš opet

  4. Anonymous17.6.15

    ti mene podsjecas na pjesmu money,power,glory od Lane Del Rey,ali u pozitivnom kontekstu :)

  5. Anonymous17.6.15

    Dajte joj platnenu vreću od kave i izgledat će opet atraktivno i osebujno!
    Nevjerovatna si...cheers !!

  6. Love this look. The dress looks perfectly fine on you. :) I love the color <3


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