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On my last trip to Belgrade I met a man from England who asked me if I was Italian. I said that I was from Croatia and he replied: ''Not everyone can be lucky to be born in Croatia''. It seemed funny and ridiculous back then, I thought about low paycheques, crisis and everything bad you always hear on the news. Now when I started to write this post that same scene played in my head and I knew he was right. There is no country that has a coast like this, all warm and specifically beautiful on clear deep blue Adriatic sea. Šibenik is one of my favourites, and it's very photogenic! I wore a casual outfit, white leather dress and red sneakers. Counting days until summer...

Zara dress / Valentino sneakers / Chanel bag

Love, I.

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  1. nice dress!

  2. Grad mog djetinjstva! :) Lijepo izgledas u ovom outfitu.

  3. cute pics; D

    new post

  4. He was right! Croatia is very picturesque.
    ...and you are incredibly beautiful.

    Greetings from Elegant 40!

  5. Hi Isabella! You look stunning as usual! In love with your chic little white dress with sneakers! My fave go-to casual look!

    Kiss kiss,

    adorn la femme

  6. Prelepa arhitektura definitivno, divni stubovi za fotografisanje!
    Sjajna kombinacija bele haljine i tenisica, tako sveže.


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