Cannes Red Carpet Look

9:12 PM

As you may know, this was my 10th time on Cannes Film Festival. It has been years since the first time I came, but I still love this city like my own. I couldn't imagine a year without Cannes in my life. As every year, this one was full of work too. This is the look that I wore on the world premiere in Palais des Festivales of Croatian movie called Zvizdan by Dalibor Matanić. The film was very touching and I loved the whole idea (I won't be a spoiler) and I suggest you guys to watch it. The dress I was wearing is made and designed by Larie. It's perfect for this occasion and red carpet. I wore it with my new Steve Madden heels from my favourite web shop Lulu's. This is my first post from Cannes and there will be more! 

Larie dress / Steve Madden heels from Lulu's / Chanel bag

Love, I.

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  1. That dress is beyond stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous. Love what you wore.

  2. wow!amazing dress!

  3. Nevjerojatno izgledas!!! Strava outfit!

  4. beautiful dress!

  5. You look absolutely stunning!! Lovely dress <3 X

  6. wow!

    new post

  7. Anonymous29.5.15

    Ti si tako lijepa, wow... zavidim ti. :(

  8. Anonymous29.5.15

    Zgodna si i haljina je divna! Ali (pre)dugacki crveni nokti su stvarno neukusni. :/

  9. Predivna haljina! Nisam bila čula za ovaj brend prije nego si ti počela raditi s njima, ali do sada mi se jako, jako sviđa jer je sve vrlo ženstveno i jedinstveno! :)
    Super ti stoji ovaj oblik haljine, mislim da si zasjenila i neke zvijezde tamo :)

  10. Anonymous30.5.15

    jesi ti religiozna ili duhovna ili se samo u modu uzdaješ ...izgledaš nenadje*ivo mala


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