Winter Video Diary

12:01 PM

I finally got some time to finish the video that I filmed this March in Val d'Isere / Tignes with a new GoPro Hero 4. If you're a winter sport lover you have to check out the video and comment my skills. I would like to improve so if there's any suggestions don't hesitate to write it down :) About Espace Killy - it's definitely the best skiing location I've ever been and I've been skiing since I was 7. I switched to snowboarding when I was 14. I'm not nearly as good in snowboarding as I was in skiing, but that's exactly why I like it, it makes me learn new things every time, I feel like I'm improving myself and that's the feeling I like the most. And okay it looks so much cooler riding a snowboard. I hope you'll like the video :)

P.S. Watch in HD ;)

Love, I.

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