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Socks are an essential detail of our everyday life but we don't really talk on that subject as much as they deserve. In winter you wear them on every dress and skirt, they keep you from the cold but still they have to look pretty and be high quality. They can be in different colours, different thickness and different styles. There is so much to say about socks, so I'm using this opportunity to discuss this subject and tell you about my favourite brand of socks - Jadran. I am posting 4 different outfits in which I'm wearing 4 different winter styles of socks by Jadran. One style is thicker and warmer, which I wore on the dress, another style is sexy with a line on the back, it is perfect for going out, then we have a n interesting model that makes my all black everything outfit stand out a little bit, and finally the shape up socks that lift up the booty, make your waist thinner and shapes up your legs. The best thing about this post is that I'm giving you all a coupon with which you get -40% off Jadran socks – autumn/winter collection. All you have to do is print it out and run to the nearest Jadran store to get your socks!

<Click on the photo to get the printing version>

Love, I.

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  1. nice pics ;-)

    new post

  2. great looks!

  3. Ovaj outfit sa sesirom mi je omiljeni :)

  4. Anonymous24.2.15

    Osijek na veliku žalost više nema svoju Jadran trgovinu :(

  5. Fantastično ti stoje uz bilo koji outfit koji si prikazala :D

  6. Gorgeous outfits! X

  7. Anonymous2.3.15

    Odlično si pogodila svaki look za svake čarape. Ovo bi trebao biti tutorial kako upariti najlonke na svaki stil i outfit jer nema ničeg goreg kad se neka žena lijepo sredi i onda sve upropasti pretankim,predebelim ili preuočljivim najlonkama.

  8. hvala ti! da to je doista cesta situacija, ima jos ljudi koji to primjecuju znaci :D

  9. Predivni outfiti! Posebno mi se sviđa onaj s čupavom suknjicom <3 a ovaj zadnji je isto odličan. besprijekoran stil! :)

  10. like you blog!

    good post! thanks sharing!


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