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It's getting colder and colder. I have a feeling that every winter I have to say how much I hate winter, snow, cold, light decorations and everything that goes with it. This year maybe I finally grew up a little and went from a hater to 'not-give-a-fcuk' so I just enjoy it and try to get a lot more positive things out of it. For example, hanging out in the city drinking cooked wine and having shots in every street, on every corner with my friends. That way the cold doesn't get to you, and you stay happy so you don't get a chance to notice how ugly the lights over some streets are. To get back to the point - winter is fun because you can try out a lot more with clothes than during summer season. I'm wearing my new Sheinside checked coat, a simple shirt below, leather pants, a beanie that looks like Jill Sanders one, and of course Freyrs sunglasses. 

Freyrs sunglasses / Zara pants / Zara shirt / Sheinside coat / Choies beanie / Givenchy bag / Daniel Wellington watch / ebay bracelet

Photos by Dora Šarić

Love, I. 

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  1. new post

  2. gorgeus look!

  3. Fantastičan outfit, jako inspirativan!

  4. odlicna, kao i uvijek! super mi je kaput! :)

  5. Great coat and hat :) love the look :)

  6. This is so gorgeous! That coat looks so well made! x

  7. Odličan je kaput!

  8. I'm obsessed with your outfit!! LOVE it!! X


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