Sweater Weather

10:19 PM

Cold weather is here, and it's time to pull out warm sweaters, cozy pants and boots. I'm wearing a perfect fall outfit, dark blue, brown and purple. Rain boots are a must have, and these Armani are super cute with this matching wallet. I saw this super cute Ralph Lauren sweater last year in XYZ, and I finally got in Roses Fashion outlet. Check out more about Roses Fashion outlet and low prices  on this link HERE.

Ralph Lauren sweater (XYZ outlet, Roses Fashion Outlet), Armani Jeans boots (XYZ outlet, Roses Fashion Outlet), Armani Jeans wallet (XYZ outlet, Roses Fashion Outlet), Michael Kors pants (XYZ outlet, Roses Fashion Outlet), Gucci sunglasses (Ghetaldus outlet, Roses Fashion Outlet)

Love, I.

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