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I'm not a beauty blogger, and I do not know very much about makeup, but I've read a lot of articles about this subject and watched a bunch of youtube tutorials. I was thinking about making a tutorial myself, but I think I'll just stick to my travel diary videos. From time to time I get questions about my makeup. I do my makeup in every post unless stated otherwise. Anyhow, I decided to make a post about my favourite makeup products that I use daily or for night out. I tried to mention everything important, from eyeshadows and mascaras to powders and lipstick. So let's begin!

My favourite eyeshadow palette is definitely Naked by Urban Decay. I also have Naked 2, but I prefer the original version. I never got Naked 3 because I don't really like those pinkish and pastel colours that much. I like to stick to bronze, brown, nude and darker colours.

Brushes are very important. It doesn't matter how good your eyeshadow or bronzer is, without a good brush it can look less good. So I got these brushes from Sheinside and I was quite surprised with the quality. I use them for conturing, highlighting, blending and putting on eyeshadow. Every brush is meant for different usage. 

Foundation. It depends on your type of skin mostly. And of course you have to choose the right colour. Don't you hate when you see someone wearing too dark foundation so you can see the line on their neck between foundation and clear skin? I never use darker foundation. I have 3 different foundations, for summer, winter and time in the middle. Since my skin gets darker real quick on the sun, I have to change the foundation. Right now I'm using the Sensai Fluid finish and I'm very happy with it.

These are the things I love the most. Or should I say use the most. My favourite blush is from Chanel. Also I like using the Urban Decay Naked blush that has two different colours and a highlighter in between. I prefer that one during the summer time. Mac corrector for bags under eyes is very useful and long-lasting. This Hoola from Benefit is maybe my favourite product of all. It's for conturing, like a bronzer. I watched a lot of 'get the Kim K. look' tutorials, and I tried conturing with different shade liquid foundations, but to be honest this powdery way turned out to be quicker, easier and more effective way. It totally changes the sculpture of your face. A brilliant thing.

This summer I started using eye pencils and eyeliners in colour. Since I have green / blue eyes I love using those colours. This navy blue Sephora eyeliner really brings out my eyes. When going out I love to use this metallic green Urban Decay eye pencil and over it I put this Heavy Metal by Urban Decay glittery eyeliner. It's super effective.

Mascara. I have very long eyelashes naturally, so it's kind of easy for me. Until now I used this Mac mascara in the middle, but now I changed it to this new Lancome that is also brilliant. Urban Decay Cannonball is my favourite water proof mascara ever. 

This is my lipstick collection. To be honest I don't use much lipstick in everyday life. Only when I'm going out or for special occasions. My favourite lipstick at the moment is Fastplay by Mac. 

A few useful products. Mac Fix is the best in keeping your makeup untouched for the whole day or night. Keeps everything in it's place. Very useful thing. It's also very refreshing during hot summer days. Urban Decay primer to keep your eyeshadow in place for a longer time. This third item is Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. I started using this in high school. It makes your lips bigger. Not look bigger but actually bigger. It's actually crazy what would girls do for bigger lips. It kind of burns a little bit when you put it. Crazy, I know, right.

And finally, my favourite perfumes. Or just the perfumes I have at the moment in my room. My favourite perfume ever is Escada Magnetise. I can't find it anywhere in Croatia. It's the best perfume ever, and I really miss it. 

This was my short amateur makeup list. I'm not saying you should do your makeup like this, I'm just listing my favourite items and writing about the way I use them. 

This amazing LOVE photo is from Printing Divas <3

Love, I.

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  1. I'm still dying to get my hands on a naked palette, it's been on my christmas list for the last couple of years, maybe this year I'll get it. I'm a complete amateur at contouring but that Hoola bronzer sounds great too :) xx

  2. Great product we share love for same product and make up :)

  3. so cute ; ]


    new post

  4. Super proizvodi i bas bi mogla napraviti koji makeup video!
    Ja isto jako volim Naked palete, mozda nekako najvise Naked 3 trenutno!
    Kistove sam slicne dobila sa Milanoo web ducana i zaista su odlicne kvalitete, vjerojatno su vrlo slicni ovim tvojima iz SheInside-a.
    Super post sve u svemu :)
    Pusa iz Italije,
    Sonia Verardo

  5. Drago mi je sto si napisala i ovakav post :) slike su predivne, bolje nisu ni u casopisima :)

  6. Anonymous25.10.14

    super kolekcija, imamo slican ukus.gdje kupujes ovaj too faced lip injection?


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