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I'm a little late with my instagram post on blog for the last month, so I added photos from september too. I was a cover girl on Super Mila magazine in Croatia! That was my first cover. I also gave an interview for Super Mila in two pages. What else interesting happened? Nothing much really, in between studying I took a weekend trip to Belgrade to spend time with my bf, see sights I didn't get chance to see last time and of course go out partying. On 3rd of september I turned 21. It was super super cute, but unfortunately I didn't take enough photos. Most of the days I spent in the library getting ready for exams. I hope I'll have more spare time in the other half of september. What did you do in august? 

Love, I.

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  1. congrats the cover girl :-) love the hat from first pic :-)

  2. You are gorgeous and congrads on your magazine cover!

  3. Anonymous14.9.14

    sirota mala bogatašica bu hu :'(

  4. Anonymous15.9.14

    Vidi se pratis sve trendove pa tako i one na instagramu a nakon sto promijenis izgled slijede te i mnogi drugi :D Svaka cast na svemu! Sretno na rokovima i samo tako naprijed!

  5. Trop stylé la coque Chanel!
    Coline ♥

  6. those bangles, those bootsl ahhhh! love these photos! xO!


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