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I haven't done an instagram post for a while now, so here are a few photos from november too. The most exciting part of december (except for Christmas and New Year's) was my trip to London. The weather was perfect and I had wonderful time exploring the city. The weather in Zagreb was perfect for unexpected car rides on Sljeme with my bf. I spent New Year's in Vukovar with my family, friends and boyfriend. I had a great time, and a great purple Sherri Hill dress (you can see it on one photo below). January is time for a lot of changes and new goals. Some dear people that were my your side left you, and new people will come. Everything has it's own way, and it's always for the best. I won't spend time thinking about things I could of done differently or the ways I could change my previous mistakes. The best thing to do is relax, take a deep breath and go forward, without expectations, with clear mind and love for yourself and others. That way everything will come in its place and there will be no room for bad feelings. 

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  1. Andrea13.1.14

    Well said!!! nice outfits and cute bunnies you have :)

  2. Uzivala sam, odlicne slike :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos. I enjoy seeing other parts of the world, especially places I've never been and madly want to visit.
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  4. great recap!

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  5. wow beautiful pics <3


  6. Anonymous14.1.14

    cute pics. new boyfriend? :)

  7. these photos are gorgeous!
    love seeing london through someone else's perspective, it's always refreshing xo


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