Happy 2014

5:02 AM

Looking back at 2013 I realise how much I've changed and learned to value every single moment of life. I was lucky to travel all around Europe this whole year, and there wasn't a single moment I didn't enjoy to the fullest. I am grateful for all of the opportunities that came to me through blogging this year, and for you who somehow found out about my blog. I am grateful for every constructive comment left here this year, and like all the people, I'm trying to find the right way, my own way. I am very lucky to be surrounded by amazing and inspiring people, from my family, boyfriend and friends to colleagues and collaboration partners. The positive energy is what I'm trying to share in my everyday life, and I hope it will follow me through next year as it did this year. I learned that after the worst feeling always comes the best feeling. Everything happens for a reason, and even if you don't see it right now, some day you will. 
I wish you happy new 2014!

Sheinside dress / Gucci bag / YSL heels
Love, I.

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  1. You look breathtaking girl!! Such a magical dress!


  2. Happy New Year! :)

  3. wow, so pretty and stylish :) happy new year!

  4. That dress is stunning! happy new year:)


  5. Divne fotografije! Srecna ti nova!

  6. Anonymous1.1.14

    haljina je predivna !

  7. Anonymous1.1.14

    "I learned that after the worst feeling always comes the best feeling. Everything happens for a reason..." Lijepo si to sročila, pronašla sam se u toj rečenenici. Želim ti sretnu Novu godinu, neka ti bude ispunjena srećom! :)

  8. what a pretty dress, and it is affordable too!
    I wish you a happy new year!

    Daria from www.cinnamon-star.blogspot.com

  9. Anonymous2.1.14

    slazem se! ova godina mi se u pocetku cinila najgora ikada a ispala je najbolja..nakon losih stvari zivot pocinjes cijeniti vise..sve najbolje :)


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