Posted onJanuary 29, 2014

I'm seeking for a recipe for perfect curls for a while now, and after trying a million options I decided to ask a professional. I went to my favourite studio in Zagreb, Topstil.
It's important to use hair products that are good for your type of hair (in daily basis). After trying out a few different versions of label.m shampoos and conditioners, I finally found my favourite. It's called Organic Orange Blossom. If you want big, loose curls you have to use larger curling iron, and if you want small curls or vintage hairdo then you should use smaller (I think everyone knows that, but it's worth mentioning). I started using Volume Mousse from label.m to get ''bigger'' hair (like Victoria's Secret angels), Shining Spray and of course a little bit of a Hairspray just to keep everything fixed. Don't forget to go a few times through your hair with a large brush. 

Choies coat / Kenzo shirt / Vj Style bag / Zara pants / Zara necklace / Ray Ban sunnies

Love, I.


  1. You definitely did get the perfect curls and Label M. is such a good haircare brand!

  2. Kosa ti je divna ovde :)

  3. You have gorgeous curls. Unfortunately, my hair doesn't curl like that, but I still enjoyed looking at your pictures. By the way, I like the outfit too.
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  4. Love your curls!! They look so pretty :)
    Beautiful coat!

  5. you look absolutely your coat

    Style Without Limits

  6. great ; ]

    new post

  7. Anonymous30.1.14

    Wow,frizura ti je savršena,od boje do kovrča... post je super,vjeruj ima još nas seljaka koje ne znamo napravit baš ovakve kovrče :P Da li ti frizerka nakon što napravi ove "barokne" kovrče kao na slici to razdvaja prstima i tako oblikuje ovaj konačni izgled,ili ima još nekih trikova?

    1. Nisam ni ja znala do nedavno :) Zabacim kosu naprijed i onda prode prstima i velikom cetkom :)

  8. Anonymous30.1.14

    Ovakve kovrce sam zeljela za svoju maturalnu, no dobila sam neke sitne,obicne :( Post je super, a i boja kose mi se svida :)

  9. Gorgeous hair so much!!! and love your boots:)


  10. so adorable look

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  11. Prekrasna ti je kosa; boja, kovrce, ma sve :)

  12. Sjajno izgledas...vrhunski post!

  13. Sjajno izgledas...vrhunski outfit!

  14. Anonymous22.2.14

    Kod koga ides na sisanje/frizuru u top stilu? :)


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