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Since I've started using label.m products I was thinking about writing a post about it on my blog. Last year my hair was very dry and damaged after ombre bleach, and it seemed like there was no escape except to cut it all off. Thanks to good care my hair has repaired so much since last year. Label.m is a British company, in our country available in Topstil shop. 
First I was using the 'Intensive Repair Shampoo' but when they got the set of 'Age-Defying' conditioner, shampoo and oil I switched to that. It turned out to be even more amazing then the previous set of shampoo and conditioner. I found out that a 'Heat Protection Spray' is a must, and makes hell of a difference. It saves your hair by spraying it before every blow dry, or any kind of heat treatment. The most important thing for healthy hair is a hair brush. Think about it, you use it the most and it could be good or bad for your hair. I found out that label.m 'Grooming Brush' and D-Meli-Melo brush had maybe the biggest effect on my hair. There was hardly any hair left on the brush after I brushed my hair. This is my experience with label.m, and soon I'll write about my favourite Moroccanoil products. 

Love, I.

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  1. all the products seem to be very good! I'll try

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  2. Anonymous20.9.14

    Bok, jesi mozda koristila jos koje njihove proizvode? Planiram kupiti Treatment/Honey&Oat sampone i regeneratore no nisam sigurna hoce li napraviti ikakvu razliku, odnosno vrijede li ista u odnosu na jeftinije preparate za kosu?


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