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Eyeglasses are very  important items in my styling. With good glasses you can make a miracle. Whether you're wearing them just to hide your hangover after a  party or to add a touch of class to your clothes.
I prefer to use them in the second case, so my sunglasses collection keeps on growing. Recently I stumbled across this really major glasses online retailer from United States. It's called and their choice is absolutely stunning! You can find anything you can think of, and more! I spent  hours at that site just dreaming haha, just playing with different frames, colors, glasses etc. It's kind of addictive once you get a hold of it, you feel like a famous designer . There are a lot of options and frames and another fabulous thing - Virtual Mirror ! Check it out below. Another reason to order glasses from this great shop is their guarantee of lowest price of their products! That means this is an ultimate glasses shop, at least for me. They are really up-to-date and following trends, and on the other hand very professional, which I really appreciate. Classy,funny,practical,stylish,big,small,'s all right here! And here is the cherry on top: you get discount via my blog! 

-Take 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50). Code: FS15
-Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10


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  1. Anonymous7.1.13

    Very cool, that's awesome that you can see what they look like with the try-it mirror!

  2. Great!

  3. Anonymous28.4.16

    I have been wearing glasses for over 6 years and I spent over $400 for my first pair of glasses. Later, i find GlassesUSA and and know that you don’t HAVE to spend that much money on eyeglasses!


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