Love Harrods

2:49 PM

Since Christmas is coming very fast,
I started to explore web shops, and find
something perfect, that fits under the tree.
I know that Harrods offers many different 
brands, so if you're buying a present for someone
you love, then that's a place for you. 
I hope my mum or dad are reading this ;)

First thing that caught my eyes is this Anya Hindmarch clutch:

That galaxy sequin effect really blew my mind. I must have this :D It comes in two different colors, and it's so hard to decide which one is better... What do you think?

Secondly, I couldn't not look at Alexander McQueen section...
This bag is to die for. I love that design, but the fur gives something special to it. I could use it when I'm going out to a dinner or some nice place. It was hard to decide between all those clutches the best one, but for me, the fur wins :)

I was searching for a good watch, and I found it. It's Vivienne Westwood and
I think it's perfection. It also comes in different colors...

I love the details and the baroque frame look. It's elegant and decent but still very noticeable.

I couldn't just pass by beauty products, especially this Fendi fragrance. I tried it recently and it's adorable. The name is Fan di Fendi. It's a nice looking bottle too. I find it very interesting that I always decide on which fragrance to buy by the look of it's bottle. Very useful I think. But this one actually smells as the bottle looks :)

Tell me what do you think about my wishlist.
Love, I.

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  1. That watch is sooo perfectttt! I love it! xx

  2. Anonymous9.11.12

    The watch. The watch!!

    Joyce xxx
    Come and visit my blog :)
    Sunshine & Rain

  3. amazing watch wowwww!!! xO!

  4. love the watch and the anya hindmarch clutch! i'd pick the second colour! :)

  5. The first clutch is beautiful!

  6. That watch should be mine!! Love it!

  7. Anonymous9.11.12

    That watch is idd perfection!


  8. Love the watch and the Mcqueen clutch.


  9. <3 that Baroque watch! So different and GORG!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:


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