A Few Reliable and Timeless Trends

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A Few Reliable and Timeless Trends to Complement Any Wardrobe

Updating the contents of our wardrobe is something most of us do at least a couple of times
a year. Whether we’re dispensing with previous styles, or merely boosting our collection
with a few trendy pieces to complement our old favourites, it feels good to add something
new into the mix.

But with ever-evolving trends, it can be difficult to keep on top of our clothing, and to
ensure that we’re happy with our look. Fortunately, there are a number of timeless classics
that we can rely on – perfect for those times when we just don’t know what to wear.

Retro sports clothing

A great city look is the trend for retro sports clothing – and jackets, in particular. If you’re
looking to put together a cool casual look, consider going for a Very.co.uk adidas Originals

jacket. These jackets are a versatile and classy option for anyone looking for a sporty look
this summer.

The real appeal to these jackets is not only their timeless relevance to the world of fashion,
but also their practicality. They’re well-made and designed with plenty of thought. And
there’s little more you could ask for from an item of clothing.

Me in Rome near Campo del Fiori wearing my Adidas Originals jacket

Straight cut denim

Another timeless clothing choice is straight cut denim. You can’t go far wrong with denim as
it never seems to go out of fashion. And whilst fashions often revolve around a certain cut
of jean, you can be pretty confident wearing a straight cut pair with almost any look.

Although denim is a tough material, one of the greatest things about it is how good it looks
once it’s been worn in. The same pair of jeans can glide effortlessly from being the central
part of a smart outfit, to an everyday casual pair of trousers.

Converse All-Stars

The versatility of Converse All-Stars has transformed them into an immensely popular
shoe. There are few casual looks which don’t suit a pair of Converse. These shoes have
been common to a number of sub-cultures through the years, resulting in an appeal which
stretches across a whole host of styles.

Nowadays, the shoes can be purchased in pretty much any style. They’re available in a huge
variety of colours and materials. They’re one classic design that has certainly stood the test
of time and held its own against the cruel world of fashion.

Me in Venice wearing my black Converse

Love, I.

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